Maybe I’ll Move To California

West Coast IPA
44 CL
Alc. 6,7% vol

Clean, bright and copper colored San Diego style IPA. Brewed with Citra & Idaho 7 for a punchy bitter and fresh hop aroma with floral and citrus notes and sweet flavors from the mandarin purree. It has that classical west coast balance between malt, hops and bitterness.

Fun Fact:
The name “Maybe I’ll Move To California” is a nod to our brewer Nicko, who has been moving further and further away from his native Copenhagen ever since his career started. He is now living in S√łnderborg close to the German border where our brewery is located. We have been joking about him moving abroad next, so we designed this label as a fictional boarding pass complete with gibberish data to support the story. Sky is the limit!